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Cars seem to be getting more compact, economical and functional. However, you’ll notice that they get uglier, especially if you appreciate the classics. When you don’t understand what this means, perhaps a trip down memory lane will enlighten you. Luckily, many others share this admiration for the older models. Canada has various automobile associations and museums that have resorted vehicles to mint conditions. Such Museums also provide a rich history of driving, racing and automobile displays.

Here are four of the best automotive museums in Canada.

Canadian Automotive Museum

The Oshawa Chamber of Commerce founded this museum in 1962. Their main aim was to enhance tourism to the area. As well as promote Canadian automotive history and the fledgeling industry. The museum was funded through donations and interest-free loans from Oshawa residents. Such loans bought a former car dealership along 99 Simcoe Street and an assortment of antique cars. To this day, the centuries-old building, showroom and vehicles continue to receive millions of guests.

Antique Automobile Museum

This museum was the brainchild of famed Canadian auto-enthusiast Josiah K. Lilly, III. Josiah had collected various (mostly American made) cars. After the death of his father, Josiah, also the founder of Heritage Museum & Gardens, decided to honour his father’s memory by establishing this museum. The museum has various vintage American cars, including an authentic Walter Chrysler. It also has one of the few Bricklins to have rolled out of the New Brunswick auto plant. The two-story building houses a total of 20 other antique vehicles.

The Incredible Fred Phillips Car Collection

Its taken famed Calgary petrolhead, Fred Phillips, 25 years to assemble this exquisite collection. Now you can tour his stable of exotic muscle cars. The collection ranges from American muscle to Italian power cars and everything else in between. One of the most remarkable exhibits is a 1931 Alfa Romeo. The museum also boasts of Canada’s premier collection of Ferraris. You have to pay a small fee for the pleasure, but it’s for a good cause. Phillips uses the proceeds to support Alberta’s Adolescent Recovery Centre.

Canadian Transportation Museum and Heritage Village

This centre hosts Ontario’s most extensive collection of automobiles. They collect, restore and maintain various models for public display. Their main aim is to show the current generation of visitors how automobiles transformed modern living. Exhibits date as far back as 1920 and include cars and related artefacts. They host frequent gatherings and occasions for the public, and you can rent the facility for private events.