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The primary duty of police officers in Canada is to maintain peace and order. A dedicated and dependable police officer understands the history of the police department. This is the reason why scholars ought to pursue careers in law enforcement as well as learn the antiquity of constabulary in Canada. So, here is a brief history of the police department in Canada.

The Earlier System of the Police Enforcement in Canada

The earliest signs of legal actions and traditions in Canada is rooted back in 1651. According to history, the city of Quebec approved the new watchman system. At the same time, Ontario also came up with legal policies to ensure the traditions of Canadians were upheld and respected. Later on in 1835, the city of Toronto also formed a department for police officers. With a series of department establishments, the rural areas in Canada also followed the same trend in 1876.

The Royal Police Office

Every police foundation and law enforcement programs remember 1920, February date one. This is the very day that the Mounted Police of Royal North West was renamed to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). From 1932 to 1938, the RCMP had employed almost 2,350 police officers. They were policing in places, such as the following:

  • New Brunswick
  • Albert
  • Nova Scotia
  • Manitoba

With time, the number of police officers grew substantially once World War Two came to pass. Later, the royal department assured safety to residents in British Columbia and Newfoundland.

Modern Police Office

In 1970, RCMP evolved a lot. As a matter of fact, the responsibilities of the royal department expanded to come up with VIP security, drug enforcement, and airport policing departments. So, new police officers were recruited and accepted in the new departments. Around 1974, female officers were also welcomed to the police department and became part of the uniformed members. Nowadays, the modern police officer has the duty of taking actions against border crimes, terrorism, illicit drugs, and economic issues, among others. So, it has more than 23,000 officers in Canada.


Every country has a constabulary history, and Canada is not an exception. This country has a long history that Canadians need to learn. So, learn the history and be part of the constabulary department.