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The main duty of the Canadian police force is to maintain law and order. Members of constabularies ate also mandated to enhance peaceful coexistence in the community. The first constabulary in Canada was the Royal Canadian Mounted Police sometimes known as RCMP or the Mountie.

Such a constabulary was essential in covering the expansive provinces and territories of Canada. To date, only part of Newfoundland, Quebec and Ontario are the only regions with separate provincial police forces.

Preserving such a rich history can provide a deep source of information for future law enforcers. Here is a list of constabulary museums across Canada that you can visit for such a history lesson:

Fort Battleford

Fort Battleford was built in 1876 to house the North-West Mounted Police. It was operational between 1876 and 1927. This wooden structure played a major part in quashing rebellions from the First Nation in 1985. It was also pivotal in Canada’s westward push. The wooden structure was preserved in pristine conditions as a national heritage site.

You can visit this fort to see the barracks, stocked and the way RCMP servicemen lived. Guided tours will also educate you on how the First Nation and early settlers interacted with each other. They also maintain a website and there are various apps and books you can read.

North American Game Warden Museum

This museum is located on the Canada-United States border. That’s North Dakota in the state and Manitoba on the Canadian side. However, it sits on the American side. It was founded as the peace garden but received a full museum charter in 2004.

The museum highlights the challenges faced by conservationist officers and game warders. They have tours and websites that can enhance your knowledge of such challenges.

RCMP Heritage Centre

Located in Regina, Saskatchewan this non-profit organization houses a treasure trove of the history of the RCMP. The center has a collection of artifacts and documents that give a clear history of this constabulary. The facility received an upgrade in 2007 so it can house more exhibits and visitors.

Rotary Museum of Police and Corrections

This museum is located in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. The exhibits cover every aspect of police work in Saskatchewan and Prince Albert from the early days. It’s located in the original guard room and has actual prison bars from that era. You can view artifacts ranging from The Prince Albert Police Force, The RCMP and correctional facilities.

Vancouver Police Museum

Take a journey through the history of law enforcement in Vancouver’s best museum. This facility has everything ranging from the history, contemporary exhibits and a spotlight on community policing initiatives. You also get to play cops and robbers on the same day. The True crime exhibit is particularly famous with visitors. Other tours include the morgue, autopsy room and armoury.

Victoria Police Historical Society Museum

This may be a small museum but it’s packed to the rafters with over 150 years of law enforcement history. This department even predates the RCMP garrison of Fort Battleford. Forensic practitioners and enthusiasts will take a special delight in the exhibits. The department was the first in Canada to collect forensic information, fingerprints and take mug shots.

Winnipeg Police Museum

The museum is located in Winnipeg’s police headquarters and is free for all members of the public. Treat your family to exiting displays of firearms, vehicles and tools used by the police force through the decades.