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The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) offers integrated border facilities or services that provide support to departments of national security. CBSA prioritizes the safety of the public and promotes the legal movement of goods in the country. For this responsibility to become effective, the Canadian government has come up with a regulatory and legislative framework that could result in a healthy collaboration between the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) and CBSA.

RCMP-CBSA Collaboration to Uphold Traditions and Customs

RCMP and CBSA have partnered to guarantee the safety of Canadians. With the collaboration, it means that they also report to the Cabinet Minister before they hold meetings to discuss the local and regional customs in the country. Through collaboration, they can review joint forces and share information about different operations. The joint forces have traditional and custom police officers who handle everything related to things, such as the following:

  • Money laundering
  • Drug trafficking
  • Tobacco smuggling

Traditions and Customs That RCMP-CBSA Collaboration Focus On

RCMP work hand in hand with programs and CBSA to enforce Canadians’ laws. They do this by taxing international goods, assessing the manufacturing of illicit products, and reinforcing the laws that govern the movement of people. This partnership ensures that the traditions of Canadians are respected, and the customs are maintained. So, the members in the partnership are trying their best to deal with security and policing issues.

The Strategy of Maintaining the Customers and Traditions

In 2013, RCMP and CBSA allied to focus on achieving greater collaboration at the operational, tactical, and strategic levels. For the two departments to make everything official, they established the Joint Board Strategy (JBS). This was a strategy that happened in 2015. With the JBS establishment, many things are achieved, such as the following:

  • Maintaining the culture of Canadians
  • Leveraging the existing infrastructures

Concluding Remarks

The main achievement of the Canadian government is to establish a fluid and healthy relationship. The collaboration that occurred between RCMP and CBSA helped to overcome various challenges that are related to legislation, culture, customs, and interests, among others. So, this collaboration in the security and constabulary system is a special gem in Canada.